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Many of the public transport operators in Nottingham offer special discounts for students and we’ve listed the major schemes below. Several of the bus operators and NET (tram) also have promotions and student discounts on their single tickets from time to time as well, but if you travel frequently then you’ll usually save the most with a season ticket.

Post 16 travel support

Students attending Sixth Form Schools or Further Education Colleges are generally not entitled to any assistance with transport. However, Nottingham City Council is currently operating a partnership scheme with local colleges and 6th forms to co-fund free travel for City pupils from low income families.

Student offers


Ticket Type



Nottingham City Transport Buses

Easyrider season tickets (1 week, 1 month, 8/9/10/11/12 weeks, 3/6/12 months)1

20% student discount on all Easyrider season tickets

Trent Barton Buses

Student Mango (pre-paid card)2

35% off fairs instead of the 25% of the non-student Mango

Yourbus Buses

Student City Genie (hybrid pre-paid and season ticket card)3

Discount TBA

NET Tram

Student season tickets (per term and per academic year)4

Discount TBA

Student Robin Hood

Student Robin Hood season tickets (1/3/6/12 months) accepted on buses, trains and trams5

Discount on all season tickets

16-25 Railcard

Student and young person’s railcard (1 and 3 year cards)6

33% discount on all rail travel throughout Great Britain


Click on any of the ticket types listed to visit the relevant operator’s website.

*These prices are correct at the time of print. Please be sure to check the operator’s website to confirm the price of your ticket before you purchase.