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The school run is a major source of congestion during the morning peak, with as many as one in five cars on the road taking children to school. Childhood obesity is also at record levels at a time when schools have less and less money available for sport and active travel budgets. Encouraging the uptake of walking and cycling can make a significant contribution to these problems.

How can TravelRight help your school?

  • Cycling or walking to school makes kids fitter, more confident, more independent and more alert in the classroom.
  • We can offer advice, support and promotional materials for schools in Nottingham to help them achieve a greater use of active travel amongst students, parents and staff.
  • We can attend your school events to offer travel advice to parents and staff and to help raise awareness of the activities and promotions TravelRight offers Nottingham residents.
  • We can help your schools get involved with national cycling, walking and active travel events such as Walk to School week and Bike to School week events.
  • We can produce neighbourhood travel maps specifically for schools to be displayed in foyers and reception areas, showing suitable cycling, walking and public transport routes to your school.
  • We can help schools to reduce congestion and parking problems and can help to suggest ways to reduce parking requirements to reduce Workplace Parking Levy liabilities.  This can include programmes such a Park and Stride scheme tailored for your school.

Primary and Secondary Schools

We are here to help make it safe and fun to reach your school by walking and cycling.  Follow the links for more information about help we can offer Primary schools and Secondary schools in your area.