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Welcome to TravelRight’s pages for Nottingham residents. Here you will find a lot of useful information about active travel in Nottingham and what TravelRight can do for you. Please visit the following links to learn more about our services and events in your local area.


For information about walking in Nottingham, including free maps, walking groups, route planners and more, click here.


To learn more about cycling in Nottingham including route planning, cycling to work, free cycle training, cycle maintenance courses and more, click here.

Public transport

We have lots of information to help you get the most out of public transport in Nottingham, including TravelRight’s free travel planning service, route and ticket information, and advice on choosing the cheapest ticket for you.

By bus, tram or train

For information about Nottingham’s bus network click here, and for information about trams and trains click here.

Journey planning

If you need to plan a journey using public transport in Nottingham, click here to visit our travel planning page.


To discover more of your local area, including specially commissioned route maps to explore on foot or by bike, click here.