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5 Things Employees Can Do Now

1. Work at the airport? Try the Skylink service. Skylink services put 60% of City residents are within 1 hour or airport and airport jobs. Work at the hospital? The Linkbus network carries passengers to worksites between the Nottingham hospitals and around the city centre and carries over 7 million passengers a year.

2. Buy a Robin Hood Card– it allows all day travel on trams, trains and buses and can really save you some cash!  You can plan your journey by clicking here.

3. Ride your bike to work – if you need some training on how to cycle properly and safely, visit to find out how you can access free cycle training.

4. Sign up to and find out if someone lives near to you is offering space in their car, or alternatively, sign up and appeal for people to share your car journey.

5. Use one of seven Nottingham’s Park and Ride sites which service bus and tram – 96% of all city centre jobs are now accessible by bus-based Park & Ride links.