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The Big Wheel offers support to businesses of all sizes. Contact The Big Wheel team to learn more about their travel planning services – many of them are free and typically include:

  • Relevant bus timetables sent to your office, with an additional free service to keep them stocked up and updated
  • A free information board with a bespoke map showing your business and nearest bus stops and bus times
  • Ticketing deals, if many staff use the bus or park & ride service
  • Electronic information displays at the bus stops nearest to your site, so that your staff know when the next few buses are coming
  • For a small charge, a travel planning kiosk can be installed at your site, providing journey planning via the internet
  • If you are moving offices, either within or into the City, help may be available to install a bus stop at your new site
  • Free secure online surveys for travel planning
  • Free marketing resources, tools and support for transport
  • Cycle lessons to get your staff active