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Nottingham businesses can join the Big Wheel Business Club. The Big Wheel Business Club is a free service to help Nottingham businesses and their employees find out how you can make the most of Nottingham’ award-winning public transport service and make full use of active travel options like cycling and walking to get to your place of work.

10 Things your business can do now to make a difference

1. Firstly – give people the tools to change – the easiest way to encourage people to travel more sustainably is to provide them with links through your intranet or newsletters to journey planning resources.  The easiest way is to simply share the link to this page, so people can plan their journeys with ease – whatever their mode of transport

2. Check out special ticketing offers for your staff – Robin Hood cards can be bought in advance – contact the City Council’s Public Transport team for more information

3. Sign up to the Cycle to Work scheme and cut the costs of bikes to employees – If you’ve got fleet vehicles then sign up to the ECO Stars fleet recognition scheme, it could save you thousands in the first year alone and you’ll get free professional advice to run your fleet cheaper, greener and better!

4. Offer incentives for not driving to work by using prize draws, shopping vouchers and maybe even salary bonuses. Get in touch with us about free green travel roadshows.

5. Show staff the cost of their carbon footprint as a means of highlighting the benefits to alternative to car travel Use our Transport Direct interactive tool to calculate CO2 emissions

6. Encourage flexible and remote working practices to cut down on travel and also help with work/life balance – visit for more information

7. Explore using technologies to replace some face-to-face meetings – try out phone and video conferencing instead of travelling to meetings – visit for more information

8. Want to promote sustainable transport to your staff? There’s a range of free marketing materials available to you through the Big Wheel.  From posters to web links, visuals and all sorts of other useful pieces of materials that can be provided free of charge to your staff.  Simply contact us to find out more.

9. If you must use vehicles – encourage car sharing; it’s a quick, easy, economical and safe way to travel.  Visit to sign up – it’s free to you and to your staff.

10. Introduce a needs-based car parking system, guaranteeing allocated parking spaces to staff and visitors with mobility issues and staff who car-share. If you work in Nottingham City, find out more about the Workplace Parking Levy here. And, if you’re a business that’s WPL liable then you may benefit from one of Nottingham City Council’s two new grants.  Click here for information about the cycling infrastructure support grant or for information about the parking management support grant.