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If you live in Bulwell or in areas such as Bulwell Town Centre, Bulwell Hall Estate, Crabtree Estate, Snapewood Estate and bits of Cinderhill, then this page is for you. You’ll find information about events and services that TravelRight offer in your area, as well as maps and routes of local services that you can walk and cycle to and ideas about exploring your local and wider area.

Area Map

We are proud to bring you our specially commissioned historical walking and cycling guide to Bulwell and Basford.

‘Smoke in the Valley’ presents historical information about the area’s most significant landmarks, buildings and landscapes. The guide is fully illustrated with an easy to use map and key to the sites. The guide can be downloaded from below.

Your local public transport

Bulwell has excellent transport links. It has a bus station, a tram and a train stop. Buses run into the city centre on a regular basis (NCT number 17, 68, 69, 70, 71), as well as going to areas such as Beeston (NCT number 35 service and Local Link 11), Snape Wood and Arnold (NCT number 79 service).

The tram service that runs from Bulwell can get you to Old Market Square in 19 minutes or to Hucknall in 7 minutes. The train service on the other side of the platform also serves residents well, getting you into Nottingham train station in less than 14 minutes, whilst for people wishing to explore North Nottinghamshire (Newstead Abbey) or commuting to work in places like Mansfield, then the Robin Hood Line runs less than every half an hour during peak hours.

You can also cycle to Bulwell and leave your bike at the station and then use the tram, bus or train to continue your journey. You can leave your bike at a new secure cycle hub at Bulwell tram stop that has under cover parking, CCTV, lighting and Citycard swipe access. For more details on how to park your bike here, click here.

Click on the links for more information about NCT’s bus services or the Local Link bus network.

Click here to plan your journey.

Click here to find your nearest bus stop. When you get to the website, enter your postcode and then select ‘overview’ and then ‘Transport and streets’ and it’ll bring up your nearest bus stop, with the all the services nearby to where you live.

Your favourite places to walk and cycle

Below are just a few in your area but we’d love to hear about your favourite places. Get in contact with us and we’ll post them below.

What TravelRight are doing in your area?

  • Interesting guided walks and fun bikes rides that explore the local area – click here to see the latest events happening in your local area. These are all free!

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