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If you live in Aspley or in areas such as Aspley/Bells Lane, Broxtowe Lane, areas around Coleby Road or near Broxtowe Country Park, then this page is for you. You’ll find information about events and services that TravelRight offer in your area, as well as maps and routes of local services that you can walk and cycle to and ideas about exploring your local and wider area.


We are proud to bring you our two specially commissioned historical walking and cycling guides to Bilborough, Beechdale, Strelley, Aspley, Broxtowe and Cinderhill.

‘Garden City’ and ‘A New World’ present historical information about the area’s most significant landmarks, buildings and landscapes. They are fully illustrated with an easy to use map and key to the sites. The guides can be downloaded from below.

Your local public transport

Aspley is well connected with plenty of frequent buses. NCT’s turquoise (76, 77, 78, 79) line and orange line (35) all serve the area well, connecting Aspley to the city centre, as well as places like Bulwell and Beeston. The Local Link bus service numbers 4 and 11 serve roads such as Minver Crescent and Melbourne Road.

Click on the links for more information about NCT’s bus services or the Local Link bus network.

Click here to plan your journey.

Click here to find your nearest bus stop. When you get to the website, enter your postcode and then select ‘overview’ and then ‘Transport and streets’ and it’ll bring up your nearest bus stop, with the all the services nearby to where you live.

Your favourite places to walk and cycle.

Below are just a few of our favourite places to walk and cycle in your area but we’d love to hear about your favourites too. Get in contact with us and we’ll post them below.

  • Garden City - a walking, cycling and local history guide to Aspley, Broxtowe and Cinderhill.
  • Broxtowe Country Park, which also has an amazing adventure playground.
  • Go for a walk and see the deers at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park.
  • Highfields Park – a bit further afield but well worth the extra few miles. You can even go rowing here!
  • From Aspley, you can also get out to places like Trowell and Kimberley easily using off-road cycle paths and bridleways. See the Nottingham Cycle map here for which routes to use or see our events calendar to see if we’re doing any walks or rides out to these areas.