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Hiring a bike from us

If you don’t have a bike but want to start cycling, don’t worry as help is at hand. If you take up RideWise’s cycle training you can borrow a bike for free whilst you’re learning or looking for a bike of your own.

CityCard Cycle hire scheme

Booking a Citycard Cycle for the day is done simply by sending them a text. They will then debit your account with the £1 fee, and off you go!

There are 400 Citycard bikes in the city and they are proving to be a great attraction in their own right, with 4588 hire days booked in the last 12 months.

The new mobile hire process is now much easier, with three simple steps. You don’t even have to have a Citycard.

  • Register your mobile phone for Citycard cycle hire at
  • Visit one of the on-street locations and text “Hire (Space) Bike Number (space) Location Number.” For example, to hire bike number 234 from location 12 you would text “Hire 234 12″ to the number displayed on the hire point
  • When you finish with your bike, return it to any location in the scheme, lock up the bike and text “Return (space) Bike Number (space) Location Number” to the number on the hire stand. This will terminate your hire period and the bike will be ready for the next customer

Day hire is only one part of the Citycard cycle scheme which offers long term hire with a Citycard Smartcard and access to 11 secure cycle hubs across Nottingham at key interchanges such as park and ride sites.