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There is so much cycling to do in the area but where’s the best place to start? TravelRight have put together a mini guide of cycling outside the City area, with links and tips that we hope you will find useful. Read on for more information…

Ride away…

There are plenty of cycle maps to help you explore and plan your route. This map shows tourist attractions in Nottinghamshire and links to cycle routes in neighbouring counties. If you want to cycle in Bassetlaw, Mansfield and Ashfield, Newark and Sherwood or South Nottinghamshire, then you can easily. Visit our cycling downloads page to see all of these maps.

There’s also the Erewash Valley Trail – 30 miles of waterway and countryside on the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire border, as well as Sherwood Pines.

Exploring new places away from your local area can both be fun, but there are plenty of things to consider – where can I go? What if I don’t own a car? What if I can’t afford to go?

If you’re going further afield then we can provide you with the skills and confidence to do this. Get in touch to talk to us about cycle training. Or if you’re going with the family, see our Cycling with the family page for tips and advice on how to do this safely. If you don’t have access to car, see our page on cycling and using public transport for tips on how to use the train and go on a bike ride further afield.

Ride & Park…and Picnic

Get the bikes ready, take the train or the car, pack a picnic and enjoy a sunny weekend day in our lovely countryside. Don’t forget your picnic!