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Let the bus take the strain

Nottingham’s bus network is one of the most reliable in the country, having won plenty of national awards recently. It can also be cheaper, quicker and easier than taking the car, particularly for journeys to work or the local shops. If you take the bus, you’ll enjoy many benefits…

  • You can get more work or reading done on the bus
  • You’ll be less stressed and can avoid the hassle and cost of parking
  • Regular bus travel beats car for health benefits – a daily short walk to and from the bus stop and destination can burn 22,630 calories a year

Finding your nearest bus stop

Click here to find your nearest bus stop. When you get to the website, enter your postcode and then select ‘overview’ and then ‘Transport and streets’ and it’ll bring up your nearest bus stop, with the all the services available to you.

Report a problem

Some bus stops may feel unsafe or not have the information you need. If so, contact us by clicking here and tell us what the problem is and we’ll do our very best to correct it for you.