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Plan your journey

Follow these links to plan your journey by bus, tram, train, walking, cycling, or any combination of them you would like you use.

  • To plan a journey by bike, click here

You can select what kind of journey you’d like – the quietest, quickest or most recreational route. The route planner automatically tries to avoid hills. If you click on advanced options you can also choose routes which avoid unlit roads or sections where you need to walk your bike.

  • To plan a journey by bus, tram or train, click here

Click on the options box to select which modes of transport you would like included in your search. You can also specify how much walking or cycling you would like to include in your journey, if any.

  • To plan any type of walking route, click here

The walking route planner lets you choose the most direct route, or a less busy route away from main roads. It also gives you an estimate of the calories you would burn off and the carbon dioxide saved compared with the same journey by car or bus as well.