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Back to School!

Got that back to school feeling? As the kids start back, here at TravelRight we are interested in how people in the area travel and how we can help you on the day-to day school run.

Walk this way

There are many benefits to walking with kids; you need minimal gear (comfy shoes and a coat), you get quality time to chat, it develops good habits for an active adulthood and it’s FREE! Morning exercise helps children focus during the day, it’s more social than a car journey and easy to stop and look at interesting things along the way.

Travel by car? Consider swapping to walking a couple of days a week, check the weather forecast the night before so you feel prepared.

Travel by bus? Why not get off at a different stop and walk somewhere new. Maybe there’s a park or shop window that’s caught your eye.

Walk already? Spread the word, it’s a great opportunity to meet other parents and see your children playing with their friends. Sustrans have an excellent blog on “Planning Family Walks” for more autumn inspiration.

Travelling on public transport

For older children travelling independently, Nottingham City Transport have student bus passes on sale, offering unlimited travel all day, every day, weekends and holidays too. An under 18’s pass starts at £219, and gives you the peace of mind that all your money goes on travel and elsewhere! More info here:

Your child might be eligible for free school transport with Nottingham City Council, you can check here:

If your child’s journey includes a tram journey, the Kangaroo ticket costs £2.70 for an under 16’s day ticket. Weekly, monthly and yearly tickets are also available and you can find out more here:

For journeys with Trent Barton buses and/or tram journeys, you can choose from the Micro Mango (5-15yr olds) or a 16-19 Mango, which both gives 25% off normal child fares. More details on their website:

The newly expanded tram network also has back to school offers for under 16’s, with unlimited travel across the whole network for a year, for £245. You can find out more here:

Embrace the difference

However you decide to travel, enjoy the challenge of trying something new. If a part of the trip involves crossing a busy road or makes you nervous, scope out the area for quiet road or cycle paths. You can use our free planner to map your journey.

Keep visible. As the season changes it will get darker, so use as much high visibility clothing as possible. Lights, reflectors and vests are all available in larger supermarkets. Allow plenty of time to avoid rushing and feeling stressed.

For cycle training, you can come along to the TravelRight Cycle Centre every Saturday morning from 10am at Bulwell Riverside, or contact us to find out how cycle training could be tailored to your specific needs.

Feel free to contact us on 0115 883 3732 or by email at for more information journey planning and walking routes in the area to suit you.