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Six of the best family bike rides

We’re due a late summer (if you trust recent weather reports) so why not try out some new rides with your family or friends. Dust off your bike and get out in the sun (whilst it’s still here). Flo Bass, TravelRight Neighbourhood Engagement Officer and RideWise cycle instructor, gives her top tips for rides around Nottingham.

You can get full details of directions and info for the routes by clicking on the above links and looking at the directions list. Please note many of these rides are based on cycle paths.

We advise you always use cycle paths to cross large roundabouts/junctions, particularly when riding with children/ less experienced riders.

If you would like some help with cycling safely on road you can apply for cycle training by clicking here. Want someone to give your bike a check over? Email us using to find out where our next Dr Bike sessions are. If you’re after a guided bike ride then there are lots happening in Nottingham.

Visit these pages for more information: