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NEW 2015 Free Bike Maintenance Sessions

By May Bate | February 11th, 2015 | Bike Maintenance, Cycling | Tags: , , ,

Now is a great time to get your bike in shape for Spring and learn the skills to keep it that way. We can help you access free bike maintenance courses in venues across Nottingham.

The sessions vary in length and times so hopefully there is something for everyone. They cover all the essentials including fixing punctures, fitting brake pads and adjusting gears – no previous knowledge is required.

If you are interested but these dates/venue are not suitable, then please let us know and I will keep you informed about future courses.

If you can, it is good to bring your own bike but we can lend you one if needed.

You can get in touch if you’d like to book a place on any of the following courses.


UPCOMING TRAVELRIGHT COURSES: reply to this email or call us on 0115 8833732 if you’d like to book a place on any of the following courses.

Beginner Bike Maintenance (one day course)

 Saturday 21st February 10.00am – 3.00pm, Salvation Army, 99, High St, Arnold.

Beginner Bike Maintenance (2 session courses)

Thursdays 12th & 19th February, 6.00 – 9.00 pm, The Richard Herrod Centre, Foxhill Rd, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1RL

Saturdays 7th and 14th March 1-4pm, The Haven Centre, Stapleford


UPCOMING SUSTRANS COURSES: these courses are run by our partners, you can still apply through us or call 0115 853 2948 to book directly with Sustrans.

Women’s Beginner Bike Maintenance (one day course)

 Saturday 14th March 9.30-16.30, Arboretum

Beginner Bike Maintenance (3 evening courses)

Tuesdays 3rd, 10th, 17th February 18.30-20.30, Central Nottingham

Wednesdays 11th, 18th, 25th February, 18.30-20.30, St Andrew’s Church, Mapperley

Thursdays 19th, 26th February, 5th March, 18.30-20.30, Highbank Community Centre, Clifton

Tuesdays 24th Feb, 3rd, 10th March 18.30-20.30, Forest Recreation Ground

Intermediate Bike Maintenance (one day course)

Saturday 4th April 9.30-16.30, Central Nottingham

 Intermediate Bike Maintenance (three evening course)

Wednesday 11th, 18th, 25th March 18.30-20.30, St Andrew’s Church, Mapperley

Thursday 12th, 19th, 26th March, 18.00-20.00, Highbank Community Centre, Clifton

Tuesdays 17th, 24th, 31st March, 18.30-20.30, Central Nottingham



The “M” check : an easy to remember safety check which should be done before going out on your bike and for when you are out and about, how to mend a Punctures. You will find out how to locate a puncture and repair it and the importance of using the correct tyre pressures.

Brakes : you can find out what type of brake system is on your bike and how to adjust brake pads to cure a squeaky brake and replace worn brake pads. The workshop also looks at positioning and maintenance of cables, levers, pads etc.

Gears : This bit sounds a bit more mechanical but it’s not too technical. The instructor will be talking about types of gear systems, how they are set up and about maintenance of levers, cables, changers, drive chain etc.

This session also covers getting the bike set up to fit YOU – this makes riding much more comfortable and takes very little effort. Not to be missed!