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Ride on the Wild Side

By May Bate | April 4th, 2014 | Cycling | Tags: , , ,

On Sunday 13th April, we’ve organised a Wild Food Bike Ride with local foraging expert Becky Beinart.  We’ll be meeting at 1pm at Bulwell Riverside and the ride is free and open to all.

Becky Beinart is a local artist and forager. She started getting interested in wild plants when she made the ‘Field Kitchen’ – a bike trailer designed for cooking food found on journeys into the urban wilds. Since then she has taken lots of groups out on adventures by bike and foot to forage in different areas of Nottingham.

Foraged lime leaf wraps

We spoke to Becky about what to expect on the day:

“We’ll be going on a bike ride in Bulwell to find green spaces and look for edible wild plants. We’ll cycle to a good foraging spot and then spend some time looking at different plants, tasting things and foraging – and possibly cooking what we’ve found. We’ll be looking at common plants that you might walk past every day, and finding out about their surprising edible and medicinal properties.

Foraging is about searching for wild sources of food, and wild plants are plants that have found their own way into a habitat rather than being deliberately planted and tended by humans. For me, foraging is a great way to pay attention to your local environment, feel in touch with the seasons, and go places you wouldn’t normally go.

Foraged wild food salad

Exploring the city by bike is a good way to come across pockets of green that you didn’t know about before, and find plants that grow in different habitats. Wild plants are abundant in places that are not regularly ‘gardened’ such as riversides, wastelands, cemeteries, and areas left deliberately for wildlife.

It’s important to consider the environmental impact of picking wild plants. If you fancy having a go by yourself, there are some basic guidelines to follow, to make sure you’re looking after the plants and yourself:

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday 13th April at 1pm to give foraging a go. Let us know if you need to borrow a bike or if you have any other questions.

You can check out Becky’s Field Kitchen website here